Tobias Heidingsfeld
RedFox Code SRL

Helping Startups and Agile companies succeed in the mobile World.Flutter Freelancer for iOS, Android & Web Apps

At the age of 12 I started programming games. Four years later a company bought my multiplayer online game with thousands of daily players.

I worked in CTO or Team Lead roles as well as getting apps from the idea to live in the app stores and generating revenue as a "one man development team".With over 20 years of professional experience, I fell in love with Google's Flutter Framework for iOS, Android and Web.


Toni Kroos Academy: Make Toni your Coach

With soccer world champion Toni Kroos and his team we build an app to make you a better football player! Practice videos, insights, coaching feedback, football camps and much more.

- TikTok like Newsfeed
- interactive Challenges
- over 1.000.000 Downloads
- 4.8/5 Rating on iOS and Android

Circus: Fresh Food Delivery

A convenient, sustainable and affordable solution in food delivery. Available in Hamburg and soon in many more cities

- from start to launch in 2 months
- growing revenue since launch day
- secured €11,000,000 investment

House of Clubs: App for soccer teams

Whether professional team management, your own club collection or a reward system - in the House of Clubs app you and your team will become professionals.

- rebuild app from Xamarin to Flutter
- massive boost in ratings and UX
- increase in sales in the integrated ecommerce shop

Startup MVP: App for soccer coaches

Moves by coachbetter offers you the ultimate, all you can ask for football tactic board solution to design your team’s training sessions and game-day plans. The app allows you to bring your creative and innovative ideas around training sessions and activities to life.

- build in a month
- one man development team
- generated thousands of revenue
- secured an 100.000 USD Investment.

Enterprise Project: Self-driving Car HMI

I worked for Continental two years as the Lead Developer for the HMI on their self-driving car.I integrated into an exist team and collaborated & coordinated with many stakeholders.The car did autonomous driving on public roads including take overs, lane changes controlled by the HMI.

Customer Feeback

Stanislaus M., Insight Publicis:

"Tobias was great and super fast. You know the saying - you get what you pay for? - Well I did. Totally top quality guy and built me a wordclass app with a framework to build future versions myself with Zero coding. I will be working with him on future projects."

Else K., Italk Library:

"Tobias was exceptional in all his work - he improved our app's performance and saw it through to it's first release. He was punctual with deadlines, worked to a high quality and was very thorough in checking details.""Once again Tobias has done an excellent job, above and beyond what was first discussed. I would recommend Tobias to all prospective employers."

Lisa C., Threadplay:

"Tobias was outstanding- and even went over and above to add functionality to my childrens app. We will absolutely use his services again - great communication and for a remote worker I never felt I was left "hanging". Thanks Tobias!"

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