Welcome to Redfox Code

Hi, I'm Tobias Heidingsfeld


My passion is building iOS, Android and Web Apps using the optimal technology for the Job.


I'm a freelance developer for Startups, Agencies and Corporates.


Interested in working with me?


Customer: Else K., Italk Library

"Once again Tobias has done an excellent job, above and beyond what was first discussed. I would recommend Tobias to all prospective employers."


Customer: Else K., Italk Library

"Tobias was exceptional in all his work - he improved our app's performance and saw it through to it's first release. He was punctual with deadlines, worked to a high quality and was very thorough in checking details."


Customer: Lisa C., Threadplay

"Tobias was outstanding- and even went over and above to add functionality to my childrens app. We will absolutely use his services again - great communication and for a remote worker I never felt I was left "hanging". Thanks Tobias!"


Customer: Stanislaus M, Insight Publicis

"Tobias was great and super fast. You know the saying - you get what you pay for? - Well I did. Totally top quality guy and built me a wordclass app with a framework to build future versions myself with Zero coding. I will be working with him on future projects."